The Shack


So I just finished reading The Shack on Saturday. There really are no words to describe how incredibly AWESOME this book is. I know it is a work of fiction, but the parable (or allegory – whichever term you prefer) that it contains is full of truth. If you haven’t read the book, I STRONGLY encourage you to do so IMMEDIATELY. If you know someone who has turned their back on Jesus (and God) because of “church” or “religion”, get them the book and make them read it IMMEDIATELY. Following Jesus is SO not about religion or rules. Not even close.

A lot of hubbub has been made about the book, and you can find sites everywhere decrying it as heretical and even describing it as a tool of Satan. I’m sorry, but that is just STUPID. The purpose of the book is not to offer new theology, it is to make people think about whether or not they have a REAL RELATIONSHIP with Christ or if they are only religious. It is NOT the same thing. You can be the most religious person in the world, and have no IDEA who Jesus is and what he came to do. The way Jesus is depicted with Mack in the book is EXACTLY how I would have pictured him hanging out with his disciples. People want to lock Jesus away in a stained glass window and make Him fit their idea of what a “god” should be. They ignore the fact that the Bible clearly states He was fully man while still being fully God. He laughed and joked and kidded around with his disciples just like we do. He had relationships just like we do. He was a HUMAN. This book made me realize that my relationship with my God can be so much more than I have allowed it to be based on my limited understanding of His nature and the constrains of conventional religion. God isn’t just some “other” up in the clouds to which we occasionally send up a prayer. God is with us always. WITH US!!! ALWAYS!!! God is pursuing us! And wants what is best FOR US!! That is the point of this book. It is sad that some people get so bogged down in dogma that they can’t see the forest for the trees.

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