Positioned for a Purpose


Week One, Day 5

So David knew that the LORD had established him as king over Israel, for his kingdom was highly exalted for the sake of His people Israel. – I Chronicles 14:2

In I Chronicles 14:2, we learn that David was made king by God “for the sake of His people Israel.”  Priscilla says, “David recognized that His specific anointing to the unique position as king was not a decision made by God without deliberate intentions.  He knew specific people in his generation were to be beneficiaries of his divine calling.

Priscilla leads us through the lives of 4 other Biblical figures to learn about God’s plan in their lives.

1.  Paul:  Acts 9:3-6, 13-16; Ephesians 3:1, 6-8

  • Circumstance:  Jesus stopped him on the road to Damascus and revealed Himself to Saul and told him to go to the city for further instructions.
  • Purpose:  He was chosen by God to preach to Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel.
  • Result:  The early church spread throughout the known world, and the Gentiles would learn that they had become joint heirs of the kingdom of God.

2.  Esther:  Esther 2:4-9; 3:13, 4:13-16; 8:11-17

  • Circumstance:  Esther was one of many beautiful young women taken to the king’s palace for the king to choose a new queen.  She was also one of the Jewish diaspora.  After she had been selected as the next queen, Haman, an evil man who hated the Jews, convinced the king to have them all killed.
  • Purpose:  To save the Jews from Haman’s plot to exterminate them.
  • Result:  She was successful in persuading the king to cancel the edict and avoided a Holocaust.  Haman was hanged and the Jews became more powerful in the kingdom.

3.  Abraham:  Genesis 12:1-3

  • Circumstances:  God called him to leave his family and homeland and to go where He told him.
  • Purpose:  To start a great nation, the Israelites.
  • Result:  God entered into another covenant with man, and all the people of the earth were blessed because of it.

4.  Jesus:  Luke 4:18

  • Circumstance:  God anointed Him and put His Spirit upon Him.
  • Purpose:  To preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the broken-hearted, to free captives, to give sight to the blind, and to deliver the oppressed.  To reconcile us with God.
  • Result:  Everyone who believes on Him shall be saved.

I have struggled all of my life with trying to figure out what God’s plan for my life was.  I wanted to have a job that was meaningful and touched the lives of others for God.  But I never seemed to be able to find one.  The problem was that I was the one calling the shots.  I would pray “God, please let me find a job where I can serve you and help others, not just punch a clock for a paycheck.”  Year after year, nothing.  Not that I had a bad job.  Just not the job I knew I was meant to do.  Not a kingdom job.

Something changed this year, though.  I began to really seek after God’s heart.  I began to pray for Him to reveal to me what it was that He wanted for my life.  I began praying “show me what it is you want me to do, and I will do it.”  Honestly, I was only thinking in terms of ways I could volunteer at church or other organizations with a Kingdom mission.  But God opened the door to so much more.

I promise not to go into politics here (that is what my other page is for 😛 ), but the story kind of starts with Sarah Palin.  When John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, I had never heard of her before.  I did some research and learned about how she had an infant with Downs Syndrome and had chosen not to abort him (unlike 90% of women who get that diagnosis) because of her firm pro-life convictions based on her faith in Jesus.  I thought, “How cool is that!”  I could really relate to her on so many different levels. 

Then I started the Beth Moore “Stepping Up – A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent” study at church this past August.  My class instructor was the mother of a 2 1/2 year old with Down Syndrome, so we had several discussions in class about abortion and Down Syndrome and how the media was bashing Sarah Palin for choosing life for her child. 

Soon thereafter, I got into a somewhat heated discussion with a coworker about babies who survive the abortion process, but are then left to die and how Obama is against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which states that these children, who are ALIVE, must be given medical assistance.  The VERY NEXT DAY I received an e-mail devotional (“Encouragement for Today“) from Proverbs 31 Ministries written by a woman who had almost gone through with an abortion, but had left the clinic when her name was called.  Mind you, I have received these devotionals in my e-mail for YEARS, and NEVER before had there been one dealing with abortion.  The following day, a Friday, the devotional was by another woman who had gone through with her appointment but had found forgiveness through God’s grace. 

I have always been staunchly pro-life, but I had never before felt the urge to become involved in a hands-on manner.  That Friday, though, I had the strangest sense that this was something I was supposed to pursue.  I contacted Tennessee Right to Life about becoming active in a local chapter and possibly with the state office.  I know, without a doubt, that it was the Spirit prompting me to contact them.

To make a long story short, they had had a vacancy in their office since May of this year, but had not pursued finding someone to fill it.  They had not felt led to.  Although dissatisfied at work, I had not been actively looking for a new job.  God orchestrated events to where we would connect at exactly the right time.  I was offered a position with them, and will begin working for them full-time next month. 

I cannot even begin to describe how incredible this journey has been.  It is a reminder that God can do things that are totally and completely beyond all of our wildest dreams when we totally and completely turn ourselves over to Him. 

We had better be prepared to hang on for dear life, though, because the ride can get pretty wild.


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