Daily Devo – September 7, 2010


This was my daily devo from yesterday.  I read it this morning and thought it was really good.  Wanted to share it today.  Like most people, my days are packed from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed.  It’s hard to “make time” for prayer and study like I know I should.  And, of course, there is always “home” work to do after work work.  If I try to take some time to just sit – whether it’s to study or just to relax – I often feel anxious and unproductive if there is something that needs to be done.  My mind is going 90 miles an hour most days.  This devo reminded me that it is ok to let some of the unimportant things slide and focus on the most important things – my relationships with God, my spouse, and my child.  Five years from now it won’t matter if there was dog hair on my floor, but it will matter if I modeled an appropriate relationship with God for my family.

I was floored by the fact that the Jewish people spent 3 days in preparation for the Sabbath each week.  Other than doing my homework for my Wednesday class, I usually don’t bother to think about church until I get up on Sunday morning.  I want to make it more of a habit to focus on preparing myself to see God at work all around me, not just on Sunday morning.  Doing devo emails with my friends has helped a lot, as has getting back to posting what I am studying online, but I am also going to try to use Wednesday night services as the starting point in preparation for Sunday.  I don’t want church to be just something I do once a week.


2 thoughts on “Daily Devo – September 7, 2010

  1. It’s interesting the significance you are seeing in preparing for Sunday worship especially what you point out here regarding the importance of Wednesdays. For example, in the Orthodox Church, Wednesday is seen as a somber day of remembrance of the betrayal of Judas while Friday is the somber remembrance of the crucifixion itself. One of the things that attracted me to Orthodoxy was its absolute immersion into that last week before Christ went to the cross, but as I learn more about living a liturgical life, I have seen that this is NOT limited to some weeklong period in the springtime. After all since every Sunday is its own Easter, it only makes sense to see every day within EACH week as its own Holy Week. Focusing this way really helps me to live my entire life as a preparation for each Sunday worship. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

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