40/40 Vigil – Day 10


One of today’s 40/40 verses was Philemon 1:6.

I pray that your participation in the faith may become effective through knowing every good thing that is in us for the glory of Christ.

It’s a short verse, but several things stood out to me as I thought on it.

1.  My faith requires my participation.  It’s not something we do once, and then it’s done.  I am to be an active participant in a relationship with my God.  I can’t do that if I never spend time with Him.  I can’t do that if my choices don’t reflect Him.  My faith needs action on my part – not to ensure my salvation, because that is secure – but to lead to the next part of the verse.

2.  My active participation in my faith is what will make me effective.  My actions either make my faith effective or ineffective, depending on the choices I make.  I confess that all too often, I don’t choose to do things that would make my faith more effective.  I spend way too much time in front of my computer or the TV.  I spend too much time complaining about circumstances.  I spend too much time gossiping, holding grudges, being offended, etc.  I spend too much time reflecting the world, participating in the world, letting the world make me ineffective.

3.  My active participation in my faith will not only make me effective, it will help me to know every good thing that is in me for the glory of Christ.  I’m a seeker.  I like mysteries.  Searching for clues.  Piecing things together.  Finding the answers.  I want to KNOW the mysteries that God has promised to reveal to us through His Word.  But I’m not going to find them in Facebook or on the television.  And those things certainly won’t help me to bring Him glory.  Does it mean I need to give up the Internet and TV?  No.  But I tend the plan my life around those things – things that really don’t matter – instead of around Him and things that will matter for eternity.  I need to get my priorities straight.


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