Little Things Thursday


Hello Hue Little Things

I’m linking up with Lindsay for “It’s the Little Things” over at Hello Hue today.

Free books for the Kindle app from Amazon!

Shirt and sunglasses I scored for FREE from Sears Outlet.

New Calligraphy Pens – Haven’t had any of these in a long time. Time to practice again!

Fresh journal and matching pen a friend got me for my birthday last month. Love cracking open a new journal.

Charles Stanley’s sermon series on Brokenness. UNBELIEVABLE. So glad I found this at my church library. Unbelievably healing.




8 thoughts on “Little Things Thursday

    • Thanks! I’m definitely checking Sears Outlet every week. lol I haven’t written in calligraphy since high school. I love it, though.

    • I KNOW!!! You must read it NOW. It’s amazing. Can’t wait for the movie. I’ve had this journal for YEARS, but haven’t written in it much because I don’t want to mess it up. Might actually do that now that I have calligraphy pens. Writing in it with a regular pen just seemed WRONG.

    • I’m really bad about downloading books and never getting around to reading them. lol I’ve downloaded a bunch of the free classics, and I just learned about the tip that sometimes best sellers and new books are offered free for a few days. That’s what I downloaded recently. Right now I’m reading a couple of Francis Chan books that I downloaded when they were free.

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