Joy That Can Endure


Psalm 23 seems to be all over my devos the last few days.  Today’s Jesus Calling devo was short, but incredibly awesome.  Just had to post the whole thing.  May even need to frame it and put it on a wall somewhere.


via PicsArt Photo Studio

Streams in the Desert – L. B. Cowman

“I suspect that the source of every bit of sorrow in my life can be traced to simple unbelief.  If I truly believe the past is totally forgiven, the present is supplied with power, and the future is bright with hope, how could I be anything but completely happy?  Yes, the future is bright, because of God’s faithfulness.”  – James Smetham

“Prayer without faith quickly degenerates into an aimless routine or heartless hypocrisy.  However, prayer with faith brings the omnipotence of God to the support of our petitions.  It is better not to pray until your entire being responds to, and understand, the power of prayer.  When genuine prayer is even whispered, earth and heaven, and the past and future, say, ‘Amen!’  This is the kind of prayer Christ prayed.” – P. C. M.

Nothing lies beyond the reach of prayer except those things outside the will of God.


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