Love and Prayer – Leo Tolstoy




I believe in this: I believe in God, whom I understand as Spirit, as Love, as the Source of all. I believe that he is in me and I in him . . . I believe that man’s true welfare lies in fulfilling God’s will, and his will is that men should love one another and should consequently do to others as they wish others to do to them – of which it is said in the Gospels that in this is the law and the prophets.

I believe therefore that the meaning of the life of every man is to be found only in increasing the love that is in him; that this increase of love leads man, even in this life, to ever greater and greater blessedness, and after death gives him the more blessedness, and the more love he has, and helps more than anything else toward the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth: that is, to the establishment of an order of life in which the discord, deception, and violence that now rule will be replaced by free accord, by truth, and by the brotherly love of one for all.

I believe that to obtain progress in love there is only one means: prayer . . . Private prayer, like the sample given us by Jesus, consisting of the renewing and strengthening in our consciousness of the meaning of our life and of our complete dependence on the will of God.


"Lev Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana", 19...

“Lev Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana”, 1908, the first color photo portrait in Russia Français : « Léon Tolstoï à Iasnaïa Poliana », 1908, le premier portrait photographique en couleur en Russie. Suomi: “Leo Tolstoi Jasnaja Poljanassa”, 1908. Ensimmäinen Venäjällä otettu värimuotokuva. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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