Coffee with God – Understanding – August 7


“Understanding will never bring you Peace.  That’s why I have instructed you to trust in Me, not in your understanding.”

– Jesus CallingSarah Young

I’ve been asking “Why?” a lot over the past few months.

Why is this happening?

Why is he destroying his life?

Why are they behaving that way?

Why don’t they care?

At this stage in my walk with God, I understand that those are rhetorical questions.  They will probably never be answered.  At least not here.  I don’t understand a whole lot about the situation I am in.  I don’t understand the behavior and responses of certain people.  I don’t understand how people I have known and cared about for so long – people that were family – can just turn around and walk away not only as if I never meant anything to them, but as if I never even existed.  

But I don’t need to understand their behavior.

First, you can’t understand something that makes absolutely no logical sense.  The choices made by others have no explanation apart from complete selfishness and Satan gaining a foothold on – and in – people.

Second, understanding will never bring me peace.  That’s why God instructs me to trust in Him, and not in my own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).  I can’t possibly understand everything.  God wants me to stop trying to understand what is happening, and simply trust that He’s got it under control.  I don’t have to understand, because HE DOES.

Peace of mind and peace of heart won’t come through me understanding everything, it will come through me understanding that God understands everything.  When I stop trying to understand, and start trusting Him, He will give me peace.

“My Peace is not an elusive goal, hidden at the center of some complicated maze.  Actually, you are always enveloped in Peace, which is inherent in My Presence.  As you look to Me, you gain awareness of this precious Peace.

– Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

Thank You, God, that You do understand it ALL.


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