Job Chapter Two: Should We Accept Only Good from God and Not Adversity?


Job 2:10

Satan ALWAYS hits us in our soft spot.

Chapter Two in Review

Kay has us focus mainly on Satan and his nature in this chapter.  It is vitally important to understand what he can and can’t do – and why – and the source of his power and authority.  

Satan presents himself to God a second time.  God again asks him where he has come from and if he had considered Job.  Satan was doing the same thing as last time – roaming around the earth.  He again refuses to believe that Job would choose to love God “just because.”  He wants to prove that physical pain or health issues would make Job turn from God.

Notice the statement God makes after His second question to Satan.  He first adds a statement about Job’s integrity.  Job’s life has fallen apart, yet he still retains his faith and has not blamed God.

I pause to say a big, “Amen, Job.  Amen.”  I want God to be able to say the same thing about me as I face my own period of devastation.  I want Him to see that, though Satan has afflicted me, I will still trust in God and honor Him.

Then I read the rest of the verse.

And it hits me.

even though you incited Me against him, to destroy him without just cause.

I’ve read Job before.  In fact, I had just read it this spring in my chronological Bible.  But I never noticed these words.  Must have just skipped over them each time I read them.  Or my circumstances didn’t make them jump out at me like they did this time.

GOD accepts the responsibility – the blame – for destroying Job without just cause.  

God’s response clearly shows that He is the ultimate authority.  Satan can do nothing to us without God’s express permission.  Satan has no power over us except what God allows.

God has allowed my present circumstances.  One of the biggest fears of my life is coming to pass, and He – through Job – has shown me that He is ultimately responsible for letting it happen.

Satan still believes that people only obey God out of what they can get in return.  Job proves him wrong.  I want to prove him wrong, too.

So I have two choices.  I can choose to get mad at God because of the pain and devastation He has allowed.  Or I can trust in what I know to be true about Him.  I can choose to believe Him when He tells me that He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me a future and a hope.

And by choosing to believe Him, I can move forward knowing that He makes all things new, and that He will ultimately restore and redeem me just like He did Job.

What I Learned About God

  1. God still must give Satan permission before he can touch Job.
  2. God again required the angels to present themselves before Him.
  3. God took the “blame” for destroying Job without cause, thereby letting Satan know that He is always in control, and letting us know that nothing gets to us without first going through Him. 

What I Learned About Job

  1. Job still retained his integrity before God even though he has been afflicted (v. 3).
  2. God gave Satan permission to afflict Job again – He knew Job would stand firm (v. 6).
  3. Job doesn’t appear to complain about his circumstances at this point.  He just sad down and started scratching his wounds (v. 8).
  4. His wife was not taken from him by Satan.  Not quite sure what that says about their relationship.  In any case, she obviously does not have as much faith as Job (v. 9).
  5. Job still retains his integrity and reverence for God.  He did not complain or sin in what he said (v. 10).
  6. His suffering was very intense (v. 13).

What I Learned About Satan from Job 2

  1. He was summoned into God’s presence again.
  2. He is still doing the same thing he was doing the last time – roaming through and walking around on the earth.
  3. He still refuses to accept that Job loves God just because He is God.

What I Learned About Satan from the Temptation of Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11)

  1. Satan waited until the point of Jesus’ greatest physical weakness before appearing on the scene. He will hit us at and in our weakest, most vulnerable spot or time, too.
  2. All he had to tempt Jesus with were material, earthly things.  Those are the very things he uses to tempt people away from following God today.  Believe me, I know.
  3. He had the authority to offer earthly kingdoms to Jesus.  He still dangles power, prestige, and pleasure in front of us today.
  4. He desperately – DESPERATELY – wanted the Son to bow down to him.  And he wants to see us bow to anything other than the Son.
  5. He had to leave when Jesus – the God-man – commanded him to leave.  And he still does.

What I Learned About Satan from Other New Testament Passages

  1. Luke 22:31-32 – Satan still has to ask to afflict a believer.
  2. Acts 26:16-18 – Satan has power that has blinded men to darkness.  Yes.  Yes, he does.
  3. 2 Corinthians 11:14 – Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
  4. Ephesians 6:11 – Satan has a plan of attack (tactics) against us.
  5. 1 Timothy 3:6-7 – Satan condemns us.  He seeks to lay traps for us to make us fall into disgrace.  And sometimes we choose to walk right into them with eyes wide open.
  6. 1 Timothy 5:15 – Some believers turn away to follow Satan.  It is still hard for me to wrap my mind around how a believer – a person who claims to be saved by Jesus – would knowingly choose to turn away and follow Satan.  Having experienced this in my own family, though, I can tell you that not only is it profoundly heartbreaking, but completely unfathomable.
  7. Hebrews 2:14 – Satan holds the power of death.
  8. James 4:7 – Satan flees from us when we resist him.
  9. 1 Peter 5:8 – Satan is always on the prowl, hunting for people who are not alert so he can devour them.  And devour them he will.  

Closing Thoughts

God takes responsibility for our trials, affliction, and devastation.

Satan always hits us in our soft spot.

It is up to us whether or not to retain our integrity.

Your periods of devastation will show you who really cares about you.

Satan is real.  If you don’t believe that, then you can’t possibly know how to deal with him, or be prepared for his schemes and attacks.

The Bible tells us to be on the lookout for the devil, to wear armor, and to stand firm.  Satan is real, and he is coming for you.  

God is still in control.

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