Sometimes God Drops an Anvil on Your Head


English: Alarm clock Polski: Budzik

Being patient is hard.

Especially when you are waiting for someone to do something they should have been doing already.

This week I’ve found myself speeding past fuming and headed straight toward ticked off.  I started focusing on the actions (or inaction) of others and what I could do to make them do what they are supposed to be doing instead of letting God continue to handle it and staying focused on all the ways He has blessed me recently.

So, I decided this morning that I needed to be still, stop worrying about what others are (or aren’t) doing, refocus on my blessings, give the circumstances back to God, let Him do my fighting for me (Ex. 14:14), and trust that He will provide.

Just a few hours later, God dropped an anvil on my head when I learned about a HUGE blessing coming my way soon. And I do mean HUGE.

Lesson learned: If you leave it in God’s hands, Romans 12:19 (“Friends, do not avenge yourselves; instead, leave room for His wrath. For it is written: Vengeance belongs to Me; I will repay, says the Lord.”) may also mean that not only will He deal with the person who wronged you or owes you, but that He may also repay their debt to YOU Himself, through other means, eventually resulting in a double portion.

Has God ever dropped an anvil on your head?  


4 thoughts on “Sometimes God Drops an Anvil on Your Head

  1. I recently had my own “anvil” dropped on my head in the form of not getting a job I applied for because God had something better. His plan was not mine, He was better. Instead of getting the job I wanted, God had me write a devotional book He wanted written.

  2. I, too have had a similar happening in my own household and with friends. I am learning this lesson to let things go and let God handle it. Thanks for the reminder, though.

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