One Word: NEW

Edited to add the AWESOME One Word buttons that Melanie @ Only A Breath so graciously made for me. Check out her site!


2012 was a year of brokenness.

Broken dreams.

Broken friendships.

Broken relationships.

Broken marriage.

Broken me.

It was filled with heartache and pain and regret and lots and lots of asking why.

All I could really do was grab hold of my faith and my God and hang on.

And He held me right back.

He brought me a new Titus family to replace the family that walked away.

He brought me new friends who are faithful and trustworthy and accept me the way I am in place of the ones that weren’t and didn’t.

He brought me contentment and joy in my new-found solitude.

He brought me hope for the future.

And I survived.

Now, I’m ready to THRIVE.

I’m ready to be the person He wants me to be, not the person other people demand I be for their comfort and liking.

I’m ready to be the person I really am on the inside, but have never had the freedom to be on the outside because I was always trying to please someone else and be what they wanted.

I’m ready to follow the path that God lays out before me, wherever – and to whomever – it may lead.

I’m ready to take it one day at a time and just enjoy the present and whatever it brings without worrying about either the past or the future.

I’m ready to take chances and move FORWARD and give thanks for my 1000 Gifts in 2013.

I’m ready to accept that I am ENOUGH, and am willing to wait for God to bring someone into my life who feels the same way.

I’m ready to live in the NOW.

I’m ready for the NEW.

My 1000 Gifts in 2013  – January 1st – 3 Gifts Heard

1.  My dogs snoring like chainsaws.  It’s hysterically funny and always makes me laugh.

2.  The Les Miserables original cast soundtrack.

3.  The clink of the spoon as I am stirring an extra large glass of chocolate milk.  Yum!

Link up with One Word 365, Only a Breath, and A Holy Experience.

20 thoughts on “One Word: NEW

  1. Hi Nancy,
    First off I LOVE your background!!! That is my fave quote ever 🙂 🙂
    Secondly: I love your word! I am looking forward to seeing where this word takes you this year!

  2. After such a horrible 2012, you certainly deserve all the happiness and peace you can get, Nancy. May you have a wonderful 2013. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, as well. Onwards and upwards! 🙂

  3. Hi! I stopped by from Melanie’s link-up because “new” was my one word for 2012. Hang on! It was a busy year! I ended up going with “peace” this year after that. 😉

  4. Hi! I just stopped by from the link-up on Melanie’s blog because “new” was my one word for 2012. Hang in there! It was a busy year, full of new friends and new opportunities and new perspectives. I had to go with “peace” this year after that. 😉

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