From Jesus Calling – Sarah Young

Come to Me, and rest in My loving Presence. You know that this day will bring difficulties, and you are trying to think your way through those trials. As you anticipate what is ahead of you, you forget that I am with you – now and always. Rehearsing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, whereas you are meant to go through them only when they actually occur. Do not multiply your suffering in this way! Instead, come to Me, and relax in My Peace. I will strengthen you and prepare you for this day, transforming your fear into confident trust.

Anticipation can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on what your focus is.  I must admit that I have always been prone to rehearsing various scenarios in my head, usually thinking of the worst possible outcome.

And it always leaves me drained.  In knots.  Anxious.  Worried.

Rehearsing your troubles results in experiencing them many times, whereas you are meant to go through them only when they actually occur. Do not multiply your suffering in this way!

There was just something so FREEING in those sentences this morning.

My circumstances aren’t making me anxious, I am making myself anxious by focusing on them instead of on Him.

So, the NEW me, the me that is choosing joy and counting my first 1000 gifts this year, is going to guard against anticipating negative outcomes and circumstances.

Instead, I will choose to look around in thankful anticipation for the blessings – no matter how small or how large – that He sends my way each day.

I will choose look forward in joyful anticipation to new friendships, hopes, dreams, and possibilities.

I will choose to wait with expectant anticipation as He reNEWs my strength (Isaiah 40:31), my inner person (2 Corinthians 4:16-18), and my life (Psalm 23:3).

I will choose to live with hopeful anticipation as His plans for me unfold, knowing that they are plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

My 1000 Gifts in 2013  

21.  30% off discount from Kohl’s that I used to buy some much-needed NEW decor for my home, including this:

22.  Boss telling me to order a NEW LaserJet printer that I desperately needed.

23.  Feeling seen and appreciated for my ideas and wacky sense of humor by friends and co-workers.

24.  A weekend of 70° weather in JANUARY.

25.  Finally seeing Skyfall!

26.  Spending a Saturday evening sharing an awesome movie, excellent Thai food, and wonderful conversation with a great new friend.

27.  Cute new tennis shoes bought on clearance (of course!).

28.  ReNEWed hope.

29.  Continued healing.

30.  God’s unending love.

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7 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. I LOVE the excerpt from that book. Amazing thoughts. And what a wonderful NEW perspective you have. LOVE your list of 1000 gifts. Isn’t it amazing how much there is to be grateful for. Thanks so much for sharing and happy NEW year!

  2. Hi Nancy
    Glad I found your blog at Mindy’s. if you think about it, our Pappa God has created the dimension of time we live in. He is eternal and is not bound by time. So common sense tells us that as we live in Him we shouldn’t rush into the future, for then we are not abiding in Him and then life becomes a scary thing!
    So abiding in Him to me is the secret!
    Much love

  3. Immediately this verse comes to mind when I read your post, “Who of you by worrying can add a single day to your life” Matthew 6:27 Just live each day pleasing unto Him and trusting Him and He will take care of your worries. Thanks for the post!

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