Home – #fiveminutefriday


It’s #FiveMinuteFriday!

Five minutes of writing on a word prompt give by Lisa Jo Baker over here.  

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Are you ready


HOME . . .

When my husband walked out the door last May, I didn’t want to be alone in our my home.  I needed to get out.  Get away.

Go back home.  To the place I grew up.  Back to my roots.

Home is, and always will be, mountains.  

Smoky.  Fog-covered.  Roads winding, zig-zagging.  Rivers rushing.  Quiet mountaintop lakes.  Valleys where time has stopped hidden between peaks.

Home is where my dad rests, even though I know he is really Home and not there. But it’s the place he loved, and I feel close to him when I’m there.

Home is my grandmother’s house, even though she has also been Home for several years now, and where I stayed during my sabbatical.

And God met me while I was home.  And I knew it would be okay.  And I could let go of the past and hold onto Him.

And when I got back home from visiting home, I found that He was still there, with me.

And MY home was HOME again.

Because He was there.  HE had never left.

And it still feels like home, even more so now than ever before.

Because He is still there. 


Home is comfort.  Serenity.  Sharing laughter with my son.  The goofy antics of two crazy dogs.  Decorating how I want.  Inviting friends over to laugh and eat together.

Home is community.  

And God is the center.


Wanna play? Here’s how:
1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. And then absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you need to visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments.


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