Hateful Christians #sickofit


In light of the horrible tragedy Rick and Kay Warren experienced this past weekend, I would like to say that I am shocked by some of the things being said by “Christians” on the internet.  But I’m not.

Appalled?  Yes.

Outraged?   Yes.

Angered?  Yes.

Shocked?  Not even remotely.

And that is also incredibly sad.

How it must grieve the heart of God when we dare to call ourselves by His Name, and then gleefully rip people to shreds instead of comforting and loving them.

It’s time for some of us “nice” Christians to get righteously angry.

If you can’t say anything comforting or helpful, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

ESPECIALLY when you have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

Great blog posts this week from Beth Moore and Ann Voskamp say it much, much better than I can:

Sadness and Madness – Beth Moore

What Christians Need to Know About Mental Health – Ann Voskamp



4 thoughts on “Hateful Christians #sickofit

  1. Love the post. When my brother committed suicide at Christmas in 2011 I wish you could have been a fly on the wall to hear what people told me. So many people also wanted to hear every nitty gritty detail of how it happened. But I try to remember that we are all “works in progress”

    • So sorry for your loss, Krissy. I have family members that have dealt with depression and mental illness for years, some with and without treatment for various reasons. It needs to be treated like the medical condition it is.

  2. Okay so this the third comment on your wonderful site! Love when God brings these connections.
    So reading this made me realize we have this in common as well.

    I am so disturbed by this. I wrote this letter below last fall and it has become a movement. If you are on FB, I’d love for your voice to join in. Share whenever you would feel led.

    Here’s the letter I wrote about this on my site:


    Join me? We’ve got to spread LOVE!
    Your words are great on this!!

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