A Prayer for Those Involved in Court Cases


So, I have a court hearing tomorrow.  In exactly 24 hours, to be precise.  And the events of this past year will finally come to a close so I can move on.  I’ve had Exodus 14:13-14 on repeat in my head, along with several other verses, as I try to focus on what God has done for me in the past year so I can trust in what He will do now and going forward.

When I got to work this morning, a dear friend and co-worker had left this prayer in my mailbox.  It was exactly what I needed to hear today.  It is from Kenneth Copeland Ministries and can be printed out here.

Father, I ask You to help me as I face this legal battle.  I thank You for being a very present help in time of trouble.  I open my heart to the Holy Spirit to reveal any of my own disobedience in this matter so that I may repent and receive Your forgiveness.  Deliver me from hate and revenge.

In the Name of Jesus, I ask You to cause truth to prevail.  I pray that You will protect me from lying tongues and deceitful lips.  I believe and declare that no weapon formed against me will prosper, and any tongue unjustly rising against me will be shown to be wrong.  I will dwell in Your secret place, which hides me from the strife of tongues.  I pray that You will stop false witnesses that speak against me and cause them to be caught in their own trap.  Help me as I reply in defense.  Let Your Spirit give me the words to say when I need them.

By an act of my will, I refuse to fear, and I cast down any imagination that tries to exalt itself above the knowledge of You and Your love.

In the Name of Jesus, I now cast the care of this court case upon You.  I resist anxiety, and I receive calmness and peace.  I believe that Your Favor and the favor of man will surround me like a shield.

Your Word says You will perfect that which concerns me, so I make a conscious decision to receive Your perfected end.  I give You all the glory for all that will be accomplished, and I will testify of Your goodness.  Amen.


2 thoughts on “A Prayer for Those Involved in Court Cases

  1. Praying hard for you, Nancy! May you be ridiculously rewarded for so faithfully casting your cares onto the one who cares for you.

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