“Stay Sexy or Else?” – Reblog from Her.meneutics


Great article posted today on Her.meneutics.

I’ve heard many of these things said in Christian settings before, and I want to scream every. single. time.  I’ve also heard them said DIRECTLY TO women whose husbands have cheated on them and/or left, which makes me want to scream and also hit the person.  This article is fantastic and nails all the problems with this sort of attitude on the head.

Always remember this:  More often than not, a man (or woman) cheats and/or leaves a faithful spouse BECAUSE THEY  CHOOSE TO due to selfishness, not because their spouse hasn’t “met their needs.”

Stay Sexy or Else? Well, Please Forgive These Mommy Hips | Her.meneutics | Christianitytoday.com.


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