Finding My 1000 Gifts in the Little Things


Hello Hue Little Things

These are just little things I am grateful for that made my heart lighter and my life easier this past week.

No matter what life throws at you, you can always find joy


146.  Closing the book on my old life

147.  A pathway cleared for NEW beginnings

148.  Being able to say that I have held fast to my integrity

149.  Amazing grace

150.  Four-day weekends

151.  Amazing friends and church family that pray over me on the spot

152.  Hanging out with my home group

153.  Girls’ Night at my place after work tomorrow

154.  God’s provision

155.  Knowing exactly what I don’t want in my life anymore

156.  Having eyes opened to see what I do want

157.  Having the courage to be happy

158.  Being content and happy with where I am in my life

159.  Burdens being lifted

160.  Knowing God has everything under control, and that I don’t have to worry about the actions of others

161.  Dinner and great conversation with an awesome friend

162.  Fun holiday weekend plans with friends

163.  New hopes and dreams for my future

164.  Realizing I don’t have to settle for table scraps anymore

165.  Trusting God will send the right person my way who will be the partner I’ve longed for

166.  A great, steady job

167.  A boss that cares about and appreciates me

168.  Church and work families that have stood beside me and supported me this past year

169.  Transparency in relationships

170.  Open communication

171.  The rare feeling of being completely understood by another person

172.  Test drives

173.  The end of another school year

174.  World Market awesomeness

175.  Possibilities


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