New: One Word 365 Mid-Year Check-In



It is hard for me to believe that 2013 is almost half over.  That is really almost beyond comprehension.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my One Word lately, but haven’t really had much time to actually focus on it, so I was glad to see a mid-year prompt pop up today with the following specific questions:

» How is your One Word journey going?
» How has your word surprised you?
» How has your word taken shape and how has it shaped you?

My One Word journey has definitely had its ups and downs this year.

It is so incredibly hard to let go of old thought patterns and habits that are unhealthy.  But I have to do that if I want to develop NEW thought patterns and habits that are healthy.

It’s hard to let go of old, painful memories and past hurts.  But I have to do that if I want to make NEW happy memories in the present and allow healing to happen.

It’s hard to let go of old relationships and all the baggage that accompanies them.  But I have to do that if I want NEW healthy relationships free from baggage.

I’ve said “yes” to some NEW things this year that have really surprised me.  And, to be honest, have at times really scared me to death.

Like buying a NEW (to me) car.

Beginning a course to get my real estate license so I can add a NEW dimension to my career.

And – surprisingly – slowly discovering that a NEW friendship was turning into more than friendship.

And then – the biggest shock of all – intentionally beginning a NEW relationship based on mutual respect with open, honest, transparent dialogue.

Sometimes God shoves the NEW in your face, whether you think you’re ready for it or not.  When that happens, we have to decide if we are going to jump into what He is offering, or stay on the sidelines and miss what could be a huge blessing.

I don’t want the old me to be too afraid of being hurt again to take a chance on being happy.  And I don’t want the old me to find ways to sabotage the NEW by projecting the behaviors of people from my past onto the people in my present.

And, thankfully, I am making forward progress.  Sometimes the progress happens quickly.  Other times the progress seems to happen in slow motion.  Sometimes it’s two steps forward.  Other times it’s two steps back.  But the progress is still more forward than not.  And for that I am thankful.

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2 thoughts on “New: One Word 365 Mid-Year Check-In

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