Summer: A 1000 Gifts Post


Today is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!  Yay!

I’ve been logging my 1000 gifts regularly in my journal, but haven’t always posted them here.  Partly due to time.  Partly due to private things that I don’t want to discuss publicly.  So I sort of have two lists going right now.  One public, and one more private just for me.

And I’ve been less diligent about doing blog posts on the “public” ones, sort of relying more on tweets and Facebook posts, etc., for those.


Since today is THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!

I thought it would be appropriate to list all the things I love about summer.  🙂

176. Watermelon

177.  Longer days

178. Cookouts with friends

179.  Summer blockbuster movies

180.  Lightning bugs (or fireflies for those of you outside the South)

181.  Magnolias in bloom


182.  Early morning jogs


183.  Farmers’ markets


184.  Garden fresh veggies


185.  Main Street festivals

186.  Fourth of July fireworks

187.  Red-checked tablecloths

188.  Hot dogs

189.  Visits from family

190.  Summer camps

191.  Going to the lake

boone lake

192.  Dollywood

193.  Outdoor concerts

194.  Popsicles

195.  Walking in a park

196.  Washing the car in the driveway

197.  Bathing the dogs outside


198.  Playing with the water hose

199.  County fairs

200.  Sitting on the front porch in the early morning or late at night with good book and a cup of coffee (iced or hot!)


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