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This blog post is SO good and – speaking from experience – so TRUE!  Definitely worth a read.  I’ve blogged before about how my entire life changed last year when people I considered family turned their backs and walked away.  Honestly, I wasn’t in a position to make those needed changes myself, so God allowed others to make them for me.   I never thought that, a year later, I’d view that as a huge blessing from God because it opened the door to freedom for me, both emotionally and spiritually.

Now I am part of a group of people who are authentic and transparent with each other, and I am learning how to develop healthy relationships with positive, loving, compassionate, joyful people.

I still, however, have a few negative joy suckers in my life that I need to detach myself from.  It’s really hard to do when you spend roughly 8 hours a day with some of them, though.  😉

Seriously, GO READ THIS NOW.  And be brave enough to make the changes needed.  Your life will be better for it.

From » Choosing Your Friends Wisely.

The reality is, that we are a direct representation of those who surround us. It’s inevitable that whoever we surround ourselves with we eventually become like. For some, this is fantastic because you have surrounded yourself with authentic people who push and encourage you. For others, like me – this was detrimental to my growth.

Most of us surround ourselves with toxic people. Now I’m not talking about people who are malicious, rude, mean or hateful (although perhaps). I am defining toxic as people who areunmotivated, uninspired, zap your energy or discourage you, encourage you to stay stagnant, hold limiting, fear-based beliefs, or simply don’t ever push themselves to become their best self. 


If you are on a path of growth, change and ultimate healing of your body, mind or soul – you HAVE to look at your friendships. This is one of the hardest things you will ever be faced with doing. I know that none of us like to rock the boat, and no one wants to appear better than someone else. But this is a MUST!

If you don’t rid yourself of unhealthy friendship, you cannot live as your best self. You will be stunted in your growth, and ultimately participate in self sabotage.

Read entire post at » Choosing Your Friends Wisely.


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