Five Minute Friday: Belong


It’s #FiveMinuteFriday!

Five minutes of writing on a word prompt give by Lisa Jo Baker over here.  

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Are you ready?


BELONG . . .

Growing up, I never really felt like I belonged anywhere.  I love my family, but we were always – and still are – completely different in personality.  I often wondered – seriously – if I had been adopted or switched at birth because I had absolutely nothing – NOTHING – in common with my parents or brother.

I never really fit in at the church I grew up in.  There were great people there, and I loved that church, but I always felt stifled by legalism.  I asked too many questions.  I didn’t agree with some of the things taught because I couldn’t find them in my Bible.  I challenged opinions taught as Gospel, and wanted to know why too much.

I never really fit in at school, either.  I was the nerd that made straight A’s and liked to read.  I loved learning and always wanted to do my best.  And it made me stick out in a way that I did not appreciate at the time, especially once I got to middle school.   I was pretty much a social outcast for that and a variety of other reasons – poor family, K-Mart clothes, awkward and gangly, always a head taller than everyone else, etc., etc., etc.  My only saving grace at the time was that I played basketball, and some of my teammates and friends were considered the “cool” kids.

Then I got to college.  And my world changed.  I lived on campus my Freshman year, and I felt a sense of belonging that I had never felt in my entire life.  It wasn’t all roses, mind you.  I’m not sure who in the world matched me with my roommate, but they totally struck out there.  But there were other people there who were just. like. me.  They loved learning, and it was cool.  Honestly, if money were no object, I’d probably still be there taking classes.

Then I got married the summer after my freshman year and moved off campus to start a life and a family with my husband.  And I’ve posted many times over the past year about how that came to a screeching halt after 16 years, and how I never really felt like I belonged in his family either.  And it’s obvious I didn’t.

I’ve come to realize that every time I felt like I didn’t belong, it was because I was trying to fit in with the other people around me and be what they expected or wanted me to be.  I never felt free to be ME.

But now I do.  I am free to be the person God made me to be – without worrying about the expectations of others.   I’m finally learning who I am.    And I’ve discovered that people will accept me for me.

I have a sense of belonging that I’ve never had before.  And it is because I have surrounded myself with people – in my church and my home group – who are sincerely, honestly, transparently, authentically trying to follow Jesus.

I am exactly where I am supposed to be, exactly when I am supposed to be.  I belong here. – Click to tweet

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8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Belong

  1. Dear Nancy
    Thank you for sharing your heart! I gives me joy that you have such a sense of belonging amongst the FMF ladies to share your deepest pain.
    Blessings XX

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