I am a Single Parent, and My Home is NOT Broken


This thought hit me while doing my quiet time, and I just really wanted to buy a billboard so every single mom or single dad could hear it:

The belief that every single-parent home is a “broken home” is a lie from Satan. Just because I am now the head of a single-parent home, that does NOT mean my home is “broken.” My home is actually more whole and complete than it ever was before because now God is truly the Head of it. Broken homes exist when God is not placed first. That can happen when there are two parents present just as – sometimes more – easily as in single-parent homes. To call every two-parent home “whole” and every single-parent home “broken” sends the message that outward image (number of bodies) is more important that actual inward content (spiritual relationship to God and others). And that is NOT TRUE.

Using that kind of sweeping negative language is as damaging to the kids of single-parents as using negative adoption language is to adopted kids. And we need to stop it.


4 thoughts on “I am a Single Parent, and My Home is NOT Broken

  1. This is so good, Nancy! It’s always so annoying when I tell someone I’m a single parent and they say “oh” like they feel sorry for me or something. That’s the last thing I want people to feel or express…because with God’s help I’m really good. I know you understand.

    And I think words and phrases like “broken homes” should be outlawed somehow. Their total Dooms Day words that can seriously effect our attitudes and outlooks on life and our situations if we’re not careful. Staying positive means being positive and not using negative words.

    Our homes are blessed and most importantly whole.

    • Good to hear from you, Jeremy! I totally know what you mean. People still cock their heads to the side, put their hand on my arm, give me the ‘sad look’, and ask me how I’m “really” doing. Then look taken aback when I say “Great!” I know they mean well, but it’s like I am expected to mourn forever. I don’t have time for living in the past. Got too much stuff left to do to waste time like that. God’s got great things ahead, and I’m not going to miss out on it by being Mrs. Lot, looking backward and longing for old things that need to be let go.

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