Coffee with God – July 30, 2013


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks gearing up for school to start back, so there hasn’t been a lot of time for in depth studying or reflecting.  I’ve been sitting on the next lesson in A Time for Everything: Discovering the Beautiful Rhythms of Life from Women of Faith for a couple of reasons.  The topic was A Time for Necessary Endings: Leaving Behind the Familiar.  And, boy, is it EVER a loaded topic for me.  I’ve finished it in the book, but I haven’t had time to sit and write any of my thoughts out in detail for a blog post.  Hoping to get that done this weekend.  Also, I’ve been wrestling with and working through another ending recently, and how to proceed with that change in relationship.

So anyway, this morning I was reading through the lesson again since it had been a couple of weeks (and I really needed to hear some of the truths again), and these are the thoughts that touched me the most.

We all have moments in our lives when we sense God calling us to leave something behind in order to lay hold of the something NEW God has for us.

. . . maybe we’re aware of an unhealthy pattern or addiction in our lives and we’ve got to make a break.  Whatever necessary ending you may need to make, rest assured that it’s worth it in order to lay hold of the freedom and fullness of life God has for you.

Sometimes we must let go and move on from that which is familiar in order to embrace all God has for us.  One of the ways the disciples did this was by leaving behind all they knew to follow Christ.

One of the great paradoxes or upside down principles of following Jesus is that when we choose to die to ourselves through the grace of the Holy Spirit, then we become more alive to Christ.

Greek, the original language for most of the New Testament, has more than one word for “life.” Bios is the earthly life, from which we derive the words “biology” or “biosphere,” and zoe is the NEW life offered by God.  We are called to lay down our bios to receive the zoe that God has in store.

Sometimes we hold on to things that aren’t God’s best for us and we face a necessary ending.  But when we let go, we can begin to lay hold of the NEW beginning God has for us.


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