Blog Update


I started this blog years ago, and didn’t do much with it regularly for the first few years.  Two and a half years ago, though, I went through a very painful and unexpected divorce.  I began seeking God more fervently in that time that I had my entire life.  This blog became central to my healing, as I journaled my thoughts, pain, and hopes for the future.  The restoration and healing God has brought to me over the past couple of years is nothing short of a miracle.

Over the past year, I have found myself no longer needing to journal here.  I don’t want to just blog for the sake of having a new post, so I am not sure when, or even if, I will post here regularly again.  But I am going to leave this page up and active, just in case someone who might be in similar circumstances as I was stumbles across it.  If that happens, and if that is you, I hope you get some encouragement from the things God showed me through my journey.

There is healing.  There is hope.  There are new beginnings.  Don’t give up.


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